Saturday, August 29

Can't wait for September

A good friend is hard to come by. We make many acquaintances throughout life, but a friend who sticks with us through thick and thin is a special gift from god. As such, we should treasure the friends that we have.
Today, Lord, I thank you for the friends that you have blessed me with; they are truly assets that i treasure very much. I pray for their protection, and I hope that you will continue to bless these relationships over the course of this year and the years to come.
You guys bring colour to my life.
Thank you.

Friday, August 28


---Sometimes it seems to be in our best interest to tell a friend the truth. He or she might get mad at us. Yell at us. Even end our friendship. But friends who tell the truth, despite possible repercussions, are rare.
---Regardless of whether we want to share the truth or whether the other person wants to hear the truth, honesty ought to reign over all. The truth, though it may conjure up hurt and bitterness, always stand on its own in the end.
---Jesus didn't do people favors by candy coating the consequences of sin. He taught people about the agony of it and the need for repentance. Jesus could have danced around the issue. But because he loves people, he would rather tell the hard truth than let them relax and be content with their sin.
---Telling the hard truth is an act of courage, risking hurt feelings so that a friend can hear what's important. A friend who is willing to take that risk is true friend indeed.